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Breads & Bits
Garlic bread (2 slices) 5.00                                                 Balsamic roasted olives 3.00
Gluten free bread, garlic butter 3.50                                Fetta, spiced honey walnuts 3.00
Turkish bread, balsamic and olive oil 7.00

Margherita –  tomato sauce, fresh tomato, mozzarealla, basil 20.00
Chicken – tomato sauce, chicken, mushroom, red onion, bacon, mozzarella 22.00
Hawaiian – tomato sauce, ham, bacon, pineapple, mozzarella 21.50
3 Meat – tomato sauce, ham, bacon, chorizo, mozzarella 22.00
Vege Supreme – tomato sacue, mushroom, onion, red peppers, olives, mozzarella 21.50
Prawn – tomato sauce, prawns, red peppers, jalapeno, mozzarella 23.50

 Main Courses
Spicy lentil and split pea Dhal – with vegetable bhajis, coriander, yoghurt adn pappadums 18.00
Fish and Chips – beer battered fish with chips, salad and tartare 28.00
Salt and pepper squid – with chips, salad and aioli 27.00
Chicken breast – roasted pumpkin , broccolini, goats cheese and almond pestm jus 30.00
Chilli prawn pasta – penne, tomato sauce, pawns, chilli, basil, parmesan 32.00
Slow cooked lamb shoulder – crushed potatoes, field mushroom, pickled mushroom and rocket salad, jus 30.00
Seared duck breast – roasted sweet potato and red onion, spinach, cranberries, pecan, jus 32.00
Northwest barramund-  baby potatoes, spinach and a corn and fennel chowder sauce 36.00
Scotch fillet – with baby potatoes, field mushroom, broccolini and jus OR with chips, salad and jus39.50

Kids Meals available for children under 12, all meals include a pop top juice and activity pack
Chicken nuggets, chips, salad 12.00                                       Tomato sauce and cheese pizza 11.00
Battered fish, chips, salad 12.00                                             Ham and cheese pizza 12.00
Pasta, tomato sauce, parmesan 11.00                                    Hawaiian pizza 13.00
Pasta, meatballs, tomato sauce, parmesan 13.00                Ice cream with sauce and sprinkles 3.50 00.00

Garden salad 8.00
Chips, aioli, tomato sauce 8.00
Baby potatoes 5.00