New Owners, New Management, New Direction.

Hello world.

Welcome to Stilts: Chapter Two
So what is Stilts: Chapter Two? – It’s a place holder name for the next few months, whilst we work on making our vision a reality and your local the best it can be. In late 2021 we will re-brand and relaunch.

Down the track we’ll refurbish and give the old girl a bit a face lift, we’ll be shifting our product focus to support more locally produced and boutique offerings.

Leading the charge in the kitchen is our new Head Chef, Michael Stock. Mike is a long time local and has worked in some of the south-west’s finest establishments. Our menu will slowly evolve over the coming weeks and months to incorporate more share options with a focus on modern cuisine thoughtfully put together from fresh local produce.

We are installing a completely new sound system, bringing a rich funky soundtrack to complement our new vibe.
We’ll be replacing furniture, giving the beer garden some love and generally modernising the look and feel of the place in time for next summer.

Eventually we’ll relaunch (and throw a big ol’ party when we do).

Our vision is to create a space for locals to be proud of and visitors to enjoy, a lounge away from home, a place to drop in, come together, chill out and experience good times, great drinks and delicious food.

The old rumour mill has churned up some things we’d like to clear-up straight away:
Yes, we are keeping HAPPY HOUR!
Yes, we still have LIVE MUSIC every Sunday!
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Tue – 4pm-CL
Wed-Sun – 12pm-CL


And finally, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so please be patient with us whilst we find our feet on this new adventure, positive lasting change doesn’t happen overnight and we’ll be diligently working away in the background to achieve what we set out to do.

We look forward to having you with us on this exciting journey!
Si, Dave, Mike & Evan.




11 Holgate Rd Broadwater WA 6280
PO Box 5154 Busselton WA 6280
Ph 0897 513008