starters and snacks

Garlic bread (per slice) 2.50
Gluten free bread, garlic butter 5.00
Turkish bread, dukkah & olive oil 7.00
Fetta, olives, chorizo 10.00

Honey sriracha chicken wings 15.00
Beef Skewers, chipotle bbq 15.00
Mushrooms, asiago cheese, fried onion 10.00


Margherita – tomato sauce, fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil    20.00
Hawaiian – tomato sauce, ham, bacon, pineapple, mozzarella 21.50
Three Meat – tomato sauce, ham, bacon, salami, mozzarella   23.00
Sopressa Salami – tomato sauce, salami, smoked mozzarella 23.00
Adobo Chicken – Chipotle adobo sauce, chicken, red peppers, onion, mozzarella  23.00
Garlic Prawn – tomato sauce, prawns, fetta, green olives, mozzarella 25.00


Moroccan spiced roast vegetables, cracked wheat, labneh, green harissa 25.00
Lamb ragu, pappardelle, fresh herbs, parmesan 25.50
Salt and pepper squid, chips, garden salad, aioli 26.50
Beer battered Spanish Mackerel, chips, salad, tartare sauce 27.50
Pork schnitzel, mustard mash, pear & walnut salad, jus 27.50
Chicken thighs, roasted tomato, olives, chorizo, polenta bites, jus 28.50
Bourbon beef short rib, sweet potato, mushrooms, braising sauce 28.50
Roasted duck Maryland, creamy baked parsnip, carrot & leek, mulled wine figs, jus 31.00
“Seafood Soup” spicy tomato, lentil and coconut soup with prawns, scallops and fish 32.00
Market Fish mp
Pitchblack Angus Sirloin (250g) served chips, salad & jus OR mustard mash, broccolini & jus 35.50


Chips, aioli 8.00
Garden salad 8.00
Mustard mash 5.00
Steamed broccolini 8.00