small and sweet
a little treat to go with your coffee

Oatmeal choc chip cookie
Scones with jam and cream
House baked blueberry and chia seed muffins
Stilts “Top Deck” slice (gluten free)
Chocolate “bacci” ball (2)

desserts and cakes
served with your choice of cream or ice cream

Lemon meringue pie 8.50
Chefs homemade cheesecake 8.50
Old fashioned apple pie 8.50
Chocolate mud cake (gluten free) 9.00
Chocolate ganache & condensed milk caramel
Sticky date pudding with caramel sauce 8.50
Pumpkin and orange cake 8.50
with cream cheese frosting and maple pecans
Mango and pineapple cake (vegan) 8.50
Tropical mango cake topped with caramelised pineapple
Sticky pistachio cake (gluten free) 9.00
with lime and coconut macaroon crust